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Puerto Rico Sailboat Rentals

Have you ever imagined yourself gliding along the azure blue waters of the Caribbean? The sound of the boat as it moves through the water, the hum of the sails and the movement of the boat taking all the stress and worries away with the wind. This is a must do while in Puerto Rico! No, it’s more than that, it’s a come-to-Puerto-Rico-to-do-this kind of thing!

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Don’t have a sailboat? Never sailed before? No problem!! Puerto Rico Sailboat rental has you covered on both counts. When you rent Abillo for a day you also get a seasoned crew, a customized trip to fit your needs and wants, as well as a wonderful fresh lunch prepared just for you.

Icacos island offers easy snorkeling for beginners, as well as more advanced posibilities. The protected cove is a great way to explore in shallow waters. The extensive reef running off the shoreline provides a glimps into the underwater habitat for hundreds of species.

For more information about sailboat rentals visit our website at puertoricosailboatrentals.com.